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Mexico campus ministry sends a missionary to Spain

January 9th, 2013

Bego Haces, a college student in Puebla, Mexico, has been a valuable part of the Globalscope El Pozo campus ministry for the past five years. Now she’s making plans to extend her ministry by spending a year working with the Globalscope Spain campus ministry in Salamanca.

CMF campus minister Kami Burns first met Bego in 2008 when Kami went on a mission trip with the Georgia Tech campus ministry to build houses in Mexico. A team from El Pozo met them there to help out, and Bego, a young girl from Acapulco in her first semester of college, was a member of the team. Kami and Bego became friends and their relationship grew steadily as Bego was baptized and Kami joined the team there as a campus minister and team leader.

“Over the past five years Bego has been a student leader in every sense of the word at El Pozo,” said Kami. “She’s been part of discipleship groups, spoken at our events, traveled to the U.S. to help out with our (fund-raiser) golf tournament and given of her time and energy to help make El Pozo the place that it is. She has become a dear friend to not only me but to all of our staff, and is a source of constant encouragement for us because she ‘gets’ campus ministry and understands that her role is not just to receive, but to serve this ministry and her campus.”

Not only has Bego served unselfishly at El Pozo, but she’s also demonstrated a real heart for evangelism by bringing many others to the ministry with her.

“When Bego told me she wanted to work abroad for a year,” said Kami, “her reason was that ‘if I go somewhere new, every person I meet will be a person that I can share Jesus with.’ And although Bego knew Jesus become coming to El Pozo, she has become the minister that she is through campus ministry.”

Kami adds that Bego was a little afraid that Kami would be disappointed that she wanted to continue her ministry abroad and not at El Pozo, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my dear friend Bego,” said Kami, “and I love the fact that El Pozo is sending out its second missionary! Thank God for Bego’s part in the story of El Pozo; this ministry is what it is because of her. Join me in praying for her as she raises support and prepares to head to Salamanca in June.”

En Vivo helps build another house

June 6th, 2011

For the fourth year in a row, the students and staff of the Globalscope En Vivo campus ministry are working on a building project with Habitat for Humanity. This week (June 6-10) a team of 12 from the ministry in Salamanca, Spain, will head west to Portugal to help construct a Habitat home for a needy family.

“We are so excited to provide this opportunity for our students to serve their neighbors and put their faith into practice,” said staff member Chris Beirne. “Pray for us as we go.”

Happy Birthday, En Vivo!

April 7th, 2011

CMF’s Globalscope campus ministry in Salamanca, Spain, is celebrating six years of fruitful ministry to university students today. And although European mission fields such as Spain are among the most resistant to the Gospel, the En Vivo ministry has a wide-ranging impact. At its recent spring retreat, for example, there were 10 Spaniards, but also students from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Columbia, Germany, Brazil, China, Angola, and Mexico.

En Vivo team member Ansley Cleveland was there from the beginning of it all. “It is pretty crazy to think back to when all this started in the spring of 2005, when after months of meeting people and putting on concerts to bring them all together we had one final concert as a house-warming party for our brand new Spanish campus ministry,” she writes.

In celebration of this anniversary the student leadership group of En Vivo volunteered to be in charge of the regular Thursday evening Bible study at the campus house for the very first time.

“They are at our campus house right now, cooking, cleaning, setting up, practicing the music, doing all the things that our team normally does on a Thursday so that tonight at 9:30 p.m. their friends can come experience the love of Christ,” said Ansley. “Our leaders came to us with this idea and already had a plan in mind for what they each wanted to do!”

“I love things like this,” added Ansley, “ways you can see God moving things that you could have never planned for yourself, so that when you see them happening all you can do is say, thank you, thank you, thank you.”


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